How do I clear my browser cache and cookies?

First you"ll need to determine which internet browser and version your are using. Then follow the links below:

Microsoft Internet Explorer

For help clearing Cookies in various Internet Explorer versions find instructions HERE

For help clearing Temporary Internet Files (or Cache) in various Internet Explorer versions find instructions HERE

Mozilla Firefox

For help clearing Cookies and Cache in various Mozilla Firefox versions find instructions HERE


For Apple computer using Safari:


In the navigation bar at the top of your browser:

  1. Select "Safari" on the menu bar
  2. Scroll down to: "Reset Safari".
  3. Select box: "Empty the cache".
  4. Select box: "Remove all cookies".
  5. Click: "Reset".

For Windows computer"s using Safari:

In the navigation bar at the top of your browser

  1. Select "Edit" on the menu bar.
  2. Scroll down to "Reset Safari".
  3. Select "Empty the cache".
  4. Select "Remove all cookies".
  5. Click: "Reset".


For help clearing browsing data and cookies in various Chrome versions find instructions HERE.

Other Browsers

There are a number of different internet browsers available. If you are using a different browser then ones we have listed here and are unable to find solutions in clearing your cache and cookies on their individual support websites, please contact our online support specialists through live chat.



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