How do I position my CLEAR Modem to get the best signal?

Positioning your modem correctly can make a huge difference in your CLEAR experience.

First, if you have access to the internet, go to the CLEAR coverage map at and enter the address and/or zip code of your modem location to determine where the closest CLEAR tower is in relation to it.

Placing your modem near a window or an external wall that’s closest to and facing the nearest tower is suggested for receiving the best signal. Try to find a placement spot with the least number of obstacles between the modem and the tower.

Also, please be sure that your modem is at least 3 feet away from any microwaves, cordless phones, wireless routers, stereo speakers, etc., to avoid any frequency interferences.

After you have plugged the modem into a power outlet it will automatically search for a signal. While searching the LED lights on the modems front panel will blink sequentially.

Once the modem picks up a CLEAR signal the LED lights will stop blinking. The number of LED lights that remain lit up on the modems front panel will indicate the available signal strength in your current location (like cell phone 'bars').

For excellent CLEAR Internet service you will need to ensure that a minimum of TWO green LED lights are lit. The more LED lights that are lit up, the stronger your signal.

To ensure your optimal signal in your location – twist the entire modem unit on it's base clockwise, in small 1/4" increments – waiting 15-20 seconds in between twists to allow for an accurate indication of a signal' (If you were able to determine the location of the nearest CLEAR tower, rotate your modem to face that tower).

Because of potential obstacles between you and a CLEAR signal tower you might be surprised where your best signal connection will be made. Try different bedrooms, the kitchen, the attic or even the garage. Once you locate the strongest possible signal in your location, reconnect the modem to the computer.

If the strongest signal, (the highest number of LED lights) is found in a room that is not where your computer is located consider these solutions:

  1. Purchase a wireless router from CLEAR, or from another manufacturer of your choice.
  2. Place the modem in the room with the second best signal.
  3. Use a long Ethernet cable to connect to your computer.

Download a PDF of this 'Positioning Guide' here



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