How do I connect my Nintendo Wii to CLEAR?

There are a couple of different ways to connect your Nintendo Wii to your CLEAR network - Starting a Wired Connection.

Wired Router Connection

The Wii console does not have a LAN Ethernet port, so in order to connect to the Internet with CLEAR, you will need to use a Wii LAN Adapter> These adaptors are sold separately by Nintendo. The LAN Adaptor plugs into the Wii console's USB port, and allows you to connect a ‘wired’ router directly into the Wii Console using an Ethernet cable.

Note: Non-Nintendo manufactured USB LAN adapters will not work with the Wii console system.

  1. Turn off your devices (Nintendo Wii, router, CLEAR home modem, and PC) before connecting any cables. You should disconnect your CLEAR Home modem from its power source to turn it off
  2. Connect the Ethernet out port on the CLEAR home modem to the Ethernet in port on the router using an Ethernet cable.
  3. Connect one of the Ethernet out ports on the router to the Ethernet in port on the PC NIC using an Ethernet cable.
  4. Connect another Ethernet out port on the router to the Ethernet LAN adapter of the Nintendo Wii console using an Ethernet cable.
  5. Turn on your CLEAR Home modem, then your router, then your PC.
  6. Verify that the PC can access the Internet. If not, the router may require a specific configuration to access the Internet through your PC. See your router documentation for further help configuring the router using your PC.
    • At this time, if this is the first time connecting to the internet, you should accept the CLEAR Terms of Service before moving to the next step.
  7. Turn on your Wii console, with no disk in the disc tray.
  8. From the Wii Start menu, there will be a automatic connection.

Wireless Router

Once you have a Wireless router working successfully in your CLEAR Home network:

  1. Go to the "Wii Main Menu," and then select the Wii icon on the bottom left.
  2. Now, select "Wii Settings" to access the "Wii System Settings" menu.
  3. Using the arrow on the right side of the screen, scroll to page two and select "Internet".
  4. Next, select "Connection Settings".
  5. You should now see three connection slots that say "None." Select "Connection (Note: If you do not have an empty connection slot, click here to find out what to do).
  6. Select "Wireless Connection".

  7. Select "Search for an Access Point" (most common - recommended), the easiest way to get your Wii console online. (see steps).
  8. To set up a manual connection (for advanced users or those with specific settings on their home network), click here.

  9. Or, to connect using AOSS, (an AOSS compatible router is required)

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