How do I connect a Wi-Fi laptop /smart phone/game to CLEAR Spot?

It's easy to connect Wi-Fi Devices such as a laptop, Apple® iPhone, Apple®iPad, Nintendo®DS, Sony® PSP, etc. to the CLEAR Spot* . Here's how:


Open your computer’s “Wireless Network Connection” to associate with the router’s “Wireless Access Point.” This is typically completed by opening the “View Available Wireless Networks” window. After you have highlighted the CLEAR Spot-XXX, click the “Connect” button.


Open your Mac’s wireless connection list by clicking the “Airport” icon on your menu bar. Select the CLEAR Spot-XXX.and click connect.

Apple® iPad or iPhone

Access SETTINGS then select Wi-Fi and select CLEAR Spot-XXX under Choose a Network

Other WiFi Enabled Devices

Open wireless Settings on the device and select CLEAR Spot-XXX from the available Wireless networks. See your device manual for detailed instructions on connecting to Wi-Fi.

* This applies to all CLEAR hotspot devices: CLEAR Spot, CLEAR Spot 4G -, CLEAR Spot 4G+ Personal HotSpot, CLEAR Spot Apollo, CLEAR Spot Voyager.

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