How do I access and share the SD Card data in my CLEAR Spot 4G+ ?

The CLEAR Spot 4G+ supports microSD™ cards up to 16 GB* (sold separately) for file sharing and transfer or storage. Your computer will recognize the microSD card as a removable storage device.

*Note: Using microSD cards larger than 16 GB can cause data loss and damage your device.

The microSD slot is located on the same side of the device as the USB connector.

Once a microSD card is inserted in to the CLEAR Spot 4G+ you must enable the card so that your computer can recognize it.

To ENABLE the microSD card for data storage & sharing:

  1. Ensure you're logged in to the home page.
  2. In the ‘microSD Card Information and Settings window’, select Enable SD Card.
    - or -
    From Advanced settings > Device > microSD card, in the SD-Card Slot section select Enable.
  3. Under Username and Password Security, select one of the values:
    1. To have no security, select None.
    2. To allow only the administrator to use the card, select Administrator Only.
    3. To allow non-administrators to use the card, select Administrator + Guest.
  4. If you've selected Administrator + Guest:
    1. Change the Set Guest Username and Set Guest Password fields (up to 20 characters each; spaces are allowed).


    2. Give the guest username and password to people whom you want to allow access to the card.

To ACCESS & SHARE microSD Card Data once enabled:

Once the microSD slot is enabled, an inserted card appears in your file browser as a shared network drive. The way to access the card varies, depending on your operating system.

Note: In the information that follows, <Hostname> is the value of the Hostname field (in Advanced settings > Wi-Fi > Network and also in Advanced settings > Router > LAN).


  1. In Windows Explorer or Internet Explorer, type one of the following:
    1. \\clearspot\
    2. \\<Router IP address>\ (field in Advanced settings > Router > LAN)
    3. \\<Hostname>\

— or —

From the Windows start menu, click start > Run, and then type one of the following:

  1. \\clearspot\
  2. $#92;\<Hostname>\
  3. Double-click the shared folder.


  1. In Finder, select Go > Connect to Server.
  2. Type one of the following:
    • smb://clearspot/
    • smb://<Router IP address>/
    • smb://<Hostname>/
  3. When prompted, select the shared drive as the folder to mount.


  1. Open the run menu (Alt+F2) or a file browser, and type one of the following:
    • smb://clearspot/
    • smb://<Router IP address>/
    • smb://<Hostname>/
  2. Double-click the shared folder.

Other operating systems

Please see the user documentation for your operating system or computer.
If security has been enabled for the microSD card, you will be prompted to enter the username and password.