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Rover Puck by CLEAR

Easy to Use
  • Turn it on and go
  • Share 4G take-it-with-you internet with up to eight wi-fi-enabled devices at the same time
  • Works in every city with CLEAR
Compact and Portable
  • Runs on a rechargeable battery that provides 4 hours of continuous use
  • Works while recharging through the included wall charger, Car Charger or your computer USB port
Secure and Reliable
  • Prevents unauthorized use of your connection
  • Supports 802.11b/g/n wi-fi-enabled devices
  • Built for reliability with minimal set up and no maintenance
Works with any wi-fi enabled device
  • Smart phones and handheld gaming devices
  • Laptops, netbooks & pocket computers
  • Home computers, printers, game consoles
Last Updates May 10, 2012
Dimensions 4.25" .5" x .71" thick
Weight 25.6 oz
Battery Information 3.7V Li-Ion
Usage Time Up to 4 hours of continuous use
Compatibility Works with any WiFi enabled device
Range 150 ft.
Rotating your CLEAR Hub?

Sometimes just rotating your CLEAR Hub will improve your signal strength.



If your short-term pass has expired, you’ll need to purchase a new pass to get back online. The good news is, it’s easy to do.

CLEAR lets you choose the pass that works best for you—weekly, daily, or even two-hour increments. Get 4G take-it-with-you internet exactly when you want it.

To re-up your service, just follow these instructions.