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How do I improve my connection speed?


My internet connection speed is slow. How can I fix it?
How do I improve my internet browser speed?
How can I make my wireless faster?
Why do I have such a slow download speed?
How do I improve my ping?
Why do my streaming videos keep pausing?


1. Check the signal strength on your CLEAR device. Check to be sure that you are getting a consistent signal of at least 2 lit LED's on a CLEAR Home Modem; or 3 lighted 'dots' on a 'CLEAR USB modem'.

  1. For help obtaining our best possible signal for your CLEAR Modem, follow instructions here.
  2. It can be helpful to run a number of tests of your connection speeds at a website such as, so that you can keep a record of any changes in CLEARs connection speeds during this process.

2. Clean up your browser by clearing out your Cache and Temporary files

First you’ll need to determine which internet browser and version you are using. Then follow the links below:

Internet Explorer®

For help clearing Cookies in various Internet Explorer versions, find instructions HERE

For help clearing Temporary Internet Files (or Cache) in various Internet Explorer versions find instructions HERE

Mozilla Firefox®

For help clearing Cookies and Cache in various Mozilla Firefox versions, find instructions HERE


For Mac® computer using Safari:

In the navigation bar at the top of your browser:

  1. Select ‘Safari’ on the menu bar
  2. Scroll down to: ‘Reset Safari’.
  3. Select box: ‘Empty the cache’.
  4. Select box: ‘Remove all cookies’.
  5. Click: ‘Reset’.

For Microsoft Windows® computers using Safari:

In the navigation bar at the top of your browser

  1. Select ‘Edit’ on the menu bar.
  2. Scroll down to ‘Reset Safari’.
  3. Select ‘Empty the cache’.
  4. Select ‘Remove all cookies’.
  5. Click: ‘Reset’

3. Make certain that your CLEAR modem is at least 3 feet away from ANY other electronic device (including a CLEAR Voice Phone adaptor or a router)

4. Temporarily disable your Virus protection software and firewalls.(Once you are up and running be sure to turn your virus protection and firewalls back on for optimal security).

5. Connect your CLEAR modem directly to your computer using an Ethernet cord, bypassing all devices such as routers or switches.*

  1. If removing your router fixes your slow speeds and you need to reconnect it, please refer to your router manufacturer’s website for model specific firmware updates and/or troubleshooting steps to make your router compliant.
  2. If you are using a CLEAR Mobile Modem try using a different USB port in your computer if available.

Be sure that there is no other software running on your computer, or in the background (check in lower right corner on Microsoft Windows® computers).

Power down your device for 15 seconds.

Turn your computer back on.

*If you were able to get a better connection by Ethernet cord but still want to establish a network with your router, please ensure that it is connected to the CLEAR Wimax network and not another ISP. Also, check with your router manufacturer on specific model numbers and their suggestions for general connectivity improvement.

Still unable to resolve your issue?

The actual online speeds that you experience at any given time depend on a number of physical factors (such as distance from the wireless tower and obstacles between the tower and the CLEAR modem) and the levels of customer demand on that tower.  Additionally, the speeds you experience are impacted by CLEAR’s network management practices. These practices are in place to help ensure that all CLEAR customers can access the CLEAR 4G network, equitably share the finite resources of this network, and enjoy a high-quality internet experience.  In particular, and in order to fulfill these objectives, we may reduce your speeds occasionally when the tower to which you connect is congested due to high demand. Please understand that we strive to minimize both the duration and the level of this speed reduction, and that this speed reduction is not a punitive action. In most cases, the effect of this speed reduction on your online activity is small and may not even be noticeable. It should be very rare (if ever) that you will experience speeds (below the 1.2 Mbps level) that will interfere with your ability to stream and view standard video content in an optimal manner.


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