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What is the purpose of the antenna port on the back of my CLEAR Hub Express?

If you have a CLEAR Hub Express and are experiencing sub-optimal service in your area, it may be possible to enhance your 4G signal and performance speed by using an auxiliary antenna. To do so, attach the antenna via the SMA (SubMiniature version A) connector located on the back of the Hub Express. Once you have connected to an external antenna, flip the switch (on the back of the Hub Express) to "Enable". To revert to the internal antenna, flip the switch to "Disable". If you are not using an external antenna, please confirm that the switch is set to "Disable".

Please understand that using an auxiliary antenna will not improve your signal in all cases. We recommend that you explore this alternative only if your 4G signal strength registers a CINR score of 8 dBi or lower. To locate the 4G signal strength on your CLEAR Hub Express, log into the admin area and note the CINR value on the Summary Page. (For steps to log into the admin area, go here.)

Auxiliary antennas can be purchased “over-the-counter” at most consumer electronics retailers. We have not tested or certified any auxiliary antennas. Hence, we are not able to endorse any particular type or brand of auxiliary antenna.



Rotating your CLEAR Hub?

Sometimes just rotating your CLEAR Hub will improve your signal strength.