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How can I change the Wi-Fi network name / password on the CLEAR Hub Express and CLEAR Modem with Wi-Fi?

Since the CLEAR Hub Express and CLEAR Modem with Wi-Fi ships with a default network name and password, you can easily personalize the network name and password by logging into the Device Home Page at: (CLEAR Modem with Wi-Fi) or http://clearmodem. Your Default password is “CLEAR123” for the CLEAR Modem with Wi-Fi. Your Default password is “admin” for the CLEAR Hub Express.

Click on Basic -> Wi-Fi and customize your Network name (SSID) and Wi-Fi password on this page for the CLEAR Modem with Wi-Fi:

Click on Password on this Page for the CLEAR Hub Express


If you cannot connect your device via Wi-Fi, you can connect with an Ethernet cord and follow the same steps.

Rotating your CLEAR Hub?

Sometimes just rotating your CLEAR Hub will improve your signal strength.



If your short-term pass has expired, you’ll need to purchase a new pass to get back online. The good news is, it’s easy to do.

CLEAR lets you choose the pass that works best for you—weekly, daily, or even two-hour increments. Get 4G take-it-with-you internet exactly when you want it.

To re-up your service, just follow these instructions.