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CradlePoint PHS2000W


The CradlePoint PHS2000W is a powerful portable handheld battery-powered mobile broadband router that effortlessly connects you and your WiFi devices. The PHS2000W comes with a dock that improves your signal reception whether you are at home or office.

SKU/Part Number PHS2000W
Type Mobile hotspot & docking station
Solution Name 4G Travel Router and Dock
Solution Model PHS2000W
Solution Provider/Partner CradlePoint
Rotating your CLEAR Hub?

Sometimes just rotating your CLEAR Hub will improve your signal strength.



If your short-term pass has expired, you’ll need to purchase a new pass to get back online. The good news is, it’s easy to do.

CLEAR lets you choose the pass that works best for you—weekly, daily, or even two-hour increments. Get 4G take-it-with-you internet exactly when you want it.

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